Battle School – The Personnel

This section gives information about the staff and students at the school during its stay at Rowlands Castle between April and September 1942.


About Nominal Roll, Rail Warrant and Dispersal List Transcriptions

The purpose of Tables 1 – 11 is to provide as complete as possible list of the personnel at the school. It is hoped that this will assist people engaged in family history research to establish whether their relatives were associated with Battle Drill Training at Rowland’s Castle and by referring to Parts 1 and 2, to understand their relative’s life experiences at the school during the spring and summer of 1942.

In most cases, definitive lists of students making up each intake or “serial” do not exist. There are however Dispersal Lists, Rail Warrants and some Nominal Rolls:

List of NamesDateNominal RollRail Warrant ListDispersal List
InstructorsApril – SeptemberTable 1*  
Senior Officers Course16 – 22 AugustTable 2Table 3 
Serial 1 – Officers1 – 21 May  Table 4
Serial 1a – NCOs8 – 28 May  Table 5
Serial 2a – NCOs2 – 20 Jun  Table 6
Serial 2 – Officers8 – 28 Jun Table 7 
Serial 3 – Mixed6 – 26 Jul Table 8 
Serial 4 – Mixed26 Jul – 15 Aug Table 9 
Serial 5 – Mixed30 Aug – 19 SeptTable 10Table 11 
Muster ParadeJulyTable 12  

The abbreviations for unit names are given in Table 12.

Nominal Rolls

Nominal rolls list the names of students taking part in the course. They were probably written when the course commenced and they are therefore likely to be complete. They list the names of all the students starting the course and therefore include those that were RTU (returned to unit) during the course.

*An instructors’ nominal roll did not exist, a list was compiled from entries in the Unit War Diary and the daily order sheets.

Rail Warrants

A rail warrant is a document that served as a rail ticket and allows a serviceman or Officer to travel from a nominated station, in this case Rowland’s Castle, to a nominated destination station (usually in Sussex or Surrey). Sometimes Officers travelled First class but this was not always the case and would have depended on rank and the circumstances surrounding the journey. The Rail Warrant list would not be a complete list of the students that attended the course because some would have been returned to their unit during the course due to injury, sickness or other reasons.  Some will have proceeded to their destination by other means eg Motor transport (staff car, Jeep, truck etc) additionally, some of the permanent staff who needed to travel for any reason eg going on leave or attending meetings say,  may also be included.

Dispersal lists

These are lists informing the students of where they are to go to for their next posting. In some cases the list included the destination address. These lists are likely to include all the students that completed the course.

Transcription notes

Some of the entries were difficult or impossible to read due to the document being either third layer carbon copies or holes having been punched through the document for filing purposes. In these cases, the entry is either blank or a question mark replaces the missing/illegible character.

 Any mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies are wholly mine!

About the List of instructors and the Muster Roll.

The list of the officer instructors was created from daily entries in the War Diary and Day & Night programmes. The Muster Roll dated July 1942 was on the reverse of thr Wing orders for 2nd and 4th September so it is suspected that the paper they were typed on was being re-used and could account for one page being missing.


I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has further information about the school or its personnel when it was at Rowlands Castle.

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Table 1 – List of Instructors

Please use in conjunction with – Notes in “About Personnel Lists” and Abbreviations Table (Table 12).

NameInitialsRankRegimentRoleLater Rank
ArmstrongRGLieut Instructor  
BerwickARLieutSouth Saskatchewan RegimentInstructor  
BibeauRRLieutLe Regiment de MaisonneuveInstructor  
BuchananWHLieutCalgary Highlanders Capt 
BuellDBMajR.O.R.CO (Temp)  
CampbellJCaptCalgary HighlandersChief Inst. Major 
CarsonJMLieutCameron Highlanders of OttawaInstructorCapt 
ChanterJDLieutCarlton & York RgtAdjutant  
ClarkeDLLieutNorth Nova Scotia Highlanders   
CrabtreeKSLieut1Bn Canadian Scottish Regimentinst-Mortars  
DavidsonRLLieutHastings & Prince Edward Regiment Capt 
DeeksDBLieut48th Highlanders of CanadaInstructor  
DillonRMLieutRoyal Canadian Regiment   
ElhattonRLieutRoyal Winnipeg RiflesInstructor  
ElhattonLGLieutRoyal Winnipeg Rifles   
GarfunkelBNLieutRoyal Canadian Regiment   
GuytonRFCSM1Bn Canadian Scottish Regiment   
KearnsDORLieutCalgary Highlanders   
LamoureuxCRLieutRegiment de la Chaudiere.Instructor  
LorangerPPLieutLes Fusiliers Mont-Royal.Instructor  
McCraeCALieutRCAMC/1 Cdn. Gen. RUMO  
MylesLJLieutWinnipeg RiflesInstructor  
Nash Lieut    
NichollsACLieutEdmonton RiflesInstructorCapt 
NicklinJACaptWinnipeg RiflesInstructor  
O’BrienRHLieutNorth Shore (New Brunswick) RegimentQM  
Peckham Capt Adjutant  
RibeauARLieutRegiment de Maisonneuve   
SparksCACapt inst – Carriers 
StewartACLieutStormont, Dundas & Glengarry HighlandersInstructor  
StinsonGHBLieutRoyal Hamilton Light InfantryInstructorCapt 
SymeEGLieutRegina RiflesInstructorCapt 
ThompsonSWCaptSeaforth Highlanders of CanadaInstructorCapt 
WrightPGLieutCamerons of CInstructor  
WyandWHLieutRoyal Canadian Army Service CorpsMessing Officer 

Table 2 – Senior Officers’ Course – Nominal Roll

Please use in conjunction with – Notes in “About Personnel Lists” and Abbreviations Table (Table 12).

AgeRankNameUnitAtt. FromRel.
54ColGreene N.K.R.C.R2 C.D.I.R.U.C. of E.
50Lt ColLawson W.C.C. & Y.1 C.D.I.R.U.C. of E.
45Lt ColCalkin J.R.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.C. of E.
42Lt ColDobell S.H.R.C.A.6 Fd. Rgt.C. of E.
40Lt ColMurray H.E.R.C.A.2 Anti-TankU.C.
41Lt ColWyatt W.C.R.C.A.7 Fd. RgtC. of E.
46Lt ColParker R.G.L.1 C.Scot.R1 C.Scot.RC. of E.
35Lt ColSpragge J.G.Q.O.R. of C.Q.O.R. of C.C. of E.
?Lt ColSmith G.R.R.C.E.3rd Bn.C. of E.
33Lt ColSmith M.J.W.R.C.E.1 Corps Tp.C. of E.
44Lt ColTodd P.A.S.R.C.E.1 Corps Tp.C. of E.
35Lt ColTodd D.K.R.C.E.A.1st Med.A.C. of E.
40Lt ColTweedie F.D.C. & Y.C. & Y.U.C.
43Lt ColWrightR.C.A.11 A.Fd.Rgt.C. of E.
31MajAlway B.M.8th Recce.1 C.A.C.R.U.Pres.
37MajAndrew M.W.Perth R.Perth R.C. of E.
?MajArnold C.D.C.B.Highrs.C.B.Highrs.C. of E.
31MajBallard C.A.R.C.H.A.3rd Fd.Rgt.C. of E.
44MajBolsby C.S.T.S.R.(A.W.)1 C.M.C.R.U.Pres.
27MajCarson R.J.R.C.E.14th A.Fd.Coy.C. of E.
34MajClift F.A.S.L.I.S.L.I.C. of E.
32MajClark R.P.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C. of E.
32MajCorbould G.C.Westmr.R.(M)Westmr.R.(M)C. of E.
31MajCrawford-Brown L.M.48th Highrs.48th Highrs.Pres.
41MajDay E.W.Edmn.R.Edmn.R.Pres.
49MajEckarat H.A.Westmr.R.(M)5 C.I.R.U.C. of E.
27MajFosbert H.T.R.C.O.C.R.C.O.C.R.U.C. of E.
39MajGianolli V.A.Q.O.R. of C.3 C.D.I.R.U.C. of E.
32MajGibb G.R.C.A.S.C.3 C.D.I.R.U.C. of E.
40MajHearn F.M.H.L.I.of C.H.L.I.of C.R.C.
31MajHobb J.A.W.N.S.R.W.N.S.R.C. of E.
?9MajHoward R.E.P.E.I.Highrs48th Highrs.C. of E.
33MajJohnson T.C.Tor.Scots.RTor.Scots.RC. of E.
47MajKempton N.T.S.S.R.2 C.D.I.R.U.C. of E.
38MajKing B.B.48th Highrs.48th Highrs.C. of E.
40MajLewis S.E.Nth.N.S.HighrsNth.N.S.HighrsU.C.
38MajMatheson P.N.Regina R.Regina R.Pres.
30MajNelson W.B.R.C.A.12 A.Fd.Rgt.C. of E.
36MajOddliefson E.W.R.C.E.2 Fd.Pk.Coy.C. of E.
34MajPettapiece A.S.C.H.of Q.1 C.M.G.H.Q.U.C.
32MajSimmons G.E.R.C.A.S.C.????? SupplyC. of E.
34MajStockdale W.O.Lorne Scots2 C.D.I.R.U.U.C.
36MajStothart W.G.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
Senior Officers’ Course – Nominal Roll  – cont.
AgeRankNameUnitAtt. fromRel.
29MajE.E.WebbR.C.E.?th Fd.CoyC. of E.
28MajWilkins H.E.R.C.E.4th Bn.C. of E.
35CaptBayne N.H.R.C.E.4th Fd.Coy.Pres.
35CaptCampbell H.H.R.3 C.A.C.R.U.3 C.A.C.R.U.U.C.
44CaptLangley E.C.Nth.N.S.HighrsNth.N.S.Highrs?
38CaptRussell A.M.R.Wpg.Rif.3 C.D.I.R.U. 
28CaptSim J.D.H.L.I.of C.H.L.I.of C. 
31CaptTilley A.P.3 C.A.C.R.U.3 C.A.C.R.U.C. of E.
30CaptTurner J.A.Q.O.R. of C.2 C.D.I.R.U.Pres.
29CaptCrooks W.R.HQ 6th Hussars3 C.A.C.R.U.U.C.
38Lt ColDevine L.A.R.C.A7th A.Tk. Rgt.U.C.
47Lt ColSimms H.J.R.C.A.7th Lt.AA.RgtC. of E.
32Lt ColTaylor W.H.R.C.A.1st Lt AA.RgtU.C.
37MajMacDougall H.C.R.C.A.2nd Lt AA.RgtC. of E.
37CaptBent C.B.R.C.E.1 C.E.R.U.C. of E.
34CaptDobson W.H.R.C.E.1 C.E.R.U.C. of E.

Table 3 – Senior Officers’ Course – Rail Warrants

Rail Warrants – First Class Tickets22/08/1942
 Lt-ColDobell S.H.Billingshurst
 MajorAndrew M.WThree Bridges
 MajorBolsby C.S.Waterloo
 MajorPettapiece A.S.Waterloo
 MajorClift F.A.Wadhurst, Sussex
 MajorDay E.H.Eastbourne
 MajorFosbert H.T.Liss
 MajorHobb J.A.Newhaven
 MajorKing B.B.Horsham via Waterloo
 MajorOddliefson E.W.Brighton
 MajorBayne N.H.Brighton
 MajorBent C.B.Farnborough North

Table 4 – Serial 1 (Officers) – Dispersal List   1 – 21st May

Please use in conjunction with – Notes in “About Personnel Lists” and Abbreviations Table (Table 12). 

Service noRankNameRegtDestination
Lieut.Atkinson R.C.Y.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Baird J.G.Regina RThree Bridges
Lieut.Armstrong*Edmn. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Baralt T.M.R.H.C. (BW)Three Bridges
Lieut.Beaton S.B.W.N.S.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Benoit C.R. 22nd RThree Bridges
Lieut.Blair J.W.S.of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Bird J.A.H. & P.E.Three Bridges
Lieut.BurbidgeR.C.E.Three Bridges
Lieut.Beatty S.Lorne ScotsThree Bridges
Lieut.Bostwick J.M.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Campbell K.E.Regina RThree Bridges
Lieut.Campbell R.C.H. & P.E.Three Bridges
Lieut.Carson R.T.4th RecceThree Bridges
Lieut.Cundill F.H.R.H.C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Carstairs H.L.R.H.C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Chicorne G.F.R. 22nd RThree Bridges
Capt.Castonguay J.L.R.C.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Chiasson P.L.N.Shore R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Creelman D.W.N. Nova S.Three Bridges
Lieut.Crofton P.D.P.P.C.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Dillon* R.M.R.C.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Donnelly W.G.17th HussarsThree Bridges
Lieut.Downe R.J.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Elhatton* L.G.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Fraser G.A.48th HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Gammell R.G.P.P.C.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Gordon G.N.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Garrett H.H.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Gray R.S.1st Cdn. Scot.Three Bridges
Lieut.Graydon R.L.H. & P.E.Three Bridges
Lieut.Gonder H.B.Cam. Of O.Three Bridges
Lieut.Hamilton A.M.S.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Hampson J.G.17th HussarsThree Bridges
Lieut.Handley F.D.48th HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Hancock G.R.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Heckbert S.A.Nth Shore R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Hicks W.R.S.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Hogan F.S.R. 22nd RThree Bridges
Lieut.Jamieson W.H.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
Capt.Hodgins R.D.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Johnston R.E.Essex Scot.Three Bridges
Lieut.Kennedy D.C.C .& Y.Three Bridges
Lieut.Kearns* D.O.R.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Keith M.M.Nth S. Reg.Three Bridges
Lieut.Learmont J.N. Nova S.Three Bridges
Lieut.Leclaire M.R. de Mais.Three Bridges
Lieut.Lee P.O.Essex Scot.Three Bridges
Lieut.Liddiard A.J.Cam. of O.Three Bridges
Lieut.MacAlphine R.T.S.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.MacKinnon L.R.Sea. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.McCarthy R.W.W.N.S.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.McIlwainR.H.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.McIntosh I.H.W.N.S.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Medland R.D.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Money G.N.Sea. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Morgan H.G.C .& Y.Three Bridges
Lieut.Morin A.R. de Mais.Three Bridges
Lieut.Myles F.O.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Newlands J.C.P.P.C.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Osborne D.N.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Osler R.F.48th HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Palms J.C.Essex Scot.Three Bridges
Lieut.Patterson W.C.R. Reg. C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Potvin P.F.R.C.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Prest T.R.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Rhodenizer L.M.Nth. S.C. HighThree Bridges
Lieut.Saint Jacques J.R. de Chaud.Three Bridges
Lieut.Scott B.B.C. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Small J.J.R.C.R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Stanton T.A.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
Lieut.Staples A.1st Bn. ScotThree Bridges
Lieut.Saint Victor F.R. de Chaud.Three Bridges
Lieut.Steeves A.J.Edmn. R.Three Bridges
Lieut.Stone F.K.1st Bn. ScotThree Bridges
Lieut.Stevens J.L.Regina RThree Bridges
Lieut.Taylor J.M.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
Lieut.Willis H.S.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
Lieut.Winn J.4th  R.C.E.Three Bridges
Lieut.Stone G.W.Perth Regt.Aldershot
Lieut.Stephen P.J.C. B. HghrsAldershot
Lieut.Roy P.E.F.M.R.Portsmouth
Lieut.Trudel P.F.M.R.Portsmouth
Lieut.Lane R.H.Cam. Of C.Portsmouth
Lieut.Clarke P.R.Cam. Of C.Portsmouth
Lieut.McKillar A.J.Cam. Of C.Portsmouth
Lieut.Dickin L.S.S.R.Portsmouth
Lieut.McIlven L.R.S.S.R.Portsmouth
Lieut.Dawson H.F.S.S.R.Portsmouth

Table 5 – Serial 1a (NCOs) – Dispersal List   8 – 28th May

  Service noRankNameRegtDestination
B63603C.S.M.Hughes W.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
G22050C.S.M.Sullivan R.B.N. Shore R.Three Bridges
G22075C.S.M.Turgeon J.C.N. Shore R.Three Bridges
F44805A/Sgt.Adair R.Nth N.S. HighrsThree Bridges
L27229Sgt.Adams J.Regina RThree Bridges
B64303A/Sgt.Browne J.S.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
A37531A/Sgt.Bayliss G.M.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
F91715A/Sgt.Brooks W.J.R.C.E. 3th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
P48729Sgt.Begin J.R. 22nd RThree Bridges
M11390L/Sgt.Barrett R.S.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
D16059Sgt.Chartres H.P.R.C.E. 4th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
B66921L/Sgt.Crabtree C.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
A37191A/Sgt.Coyston A.R.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
C20531Sgt.Doyle F.W.C.H. of C.Three Bridges
H19972L/Sgt.Dorway K.H.Camerons of C.Three Bridges
E4301A/Sgt.DagenaisR. 22nd RThree Bridges
C40256Sgt.Daugherty K.D.H. & P.E.Three Bridges
K52851A/Sgt.Forsebeck N.C.Sea. of C.Three Bridges
K85441L/Sgt.Guest J.W.S.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
F59615A/Sgt.Graham G.D.West N.S.R.Three Bridges
D61286L/Sgt.Gelinas R.F.M.R.Three Bridges
?2150A/Sgt.Gladish J.A.R.C.E. 3th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
C53856Sgt.Hellyer F.GS.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
L27231A/Sgt.Herrod H.H.Regina RThree Bridges
B64373Sgt.Jones A.H.Q.O.R. of C.Three Bridges
B66644Sgt.Kirkman E.J.R. Regt. C.Three Bridges
M10865A/Sgt.Kroesing G.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
G21076A/Sgt.Lavoie A.Carlt. & York R.Three Bridges
H19751Sgt.Linklater W.B.Camerons of C.Three Bridges
B28152Sgt.Long T.W.R.C.E.  2 Fd. Pk. Coy.Three Bridges
F59844Sgt.Mullin M.J.Nth. N.S. HighrsThree Bridges
D81097Sgt.Mitchell D.W.R.H.C. (BW)Three Bridges
F43587A/Sgt.McRae J.West N.S.R.Three Bridges
H19102Sgt.Moss W.F.Camerons of C.Three Bridges
B72600Sgt.North J.H.48th HighrsThree Bridges
E12038Sgt.Nadeau R.J.R. de Chaud.Three Bridges
C40758Sgt.ProulxS.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
F49864Sgt.Pearson G.J.Nth N.S. HighrsThree Bridges
?21410Sgt.Price G.A.P.P.C.L.I.Three Bridges
P10739L/Sgt.Patriquin M.H.R.C.E. 1 Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
D61618Sgt.Perreault E.F.M.R.Three Bridges
B72663Sgt.Peddle W.M.48th HighrsThree Bridges
E11020Sgt.Paradis C.R. de Chaud.Three Bridges
E9406L/Sgt.Pope R.R. de Chaud.Three Bridges
M15535A/Sgt.Piercy R.Edmn. R.Three Bridges
L1206A/Sgt.Redman B.A.S.L.I. (MG)Three Bridges
C53022A/Sgt.Spencely F.A.S.D. & G. HighrsThree Bridges
D16036Sgt.Stevenson C.H.R.C.E. 4th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
K57035Sgt.Stevenson A.D.1 C. Scot. R.Three Bridges
D41054L/Sgt.Simard C.R. de Mais.Three Bridges
A5021Sgt.Skelly E.J.R.C.R.Three Bridges
L13332L/Sgt.Salmond G.S.S.R.Three Bridges
D3197Sgt.Travers W.G.17 H/7 RecceThree Bridges
C22735L/Sgt.Thompson W.E.N. Shore R.Three Bridges
C2020Sgt.Vodden H.R.C.E. 3th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
D17001L/Sgt.Watson J.R.Carlt. & York R.Three Bridges
P10747Sgt.Watt W.P.R.C.E. 4th Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
A37441A/Sgt.Wild R.A.R.C.E. 1 Fd. Coy.Three Bridges
F41552L/Sgt.Wilson D.A.M.H.L.I. of C.Three Bridges
K62297CplAmberman V.C.West N.S.R.Three Bridges
E57245CplAtkins R.G.1 C. Scot. R.Three Bridges
E40947CplBollinger S.1 C. Scot. R.Three Bridges
B3978a/CplDeans A.J.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
C21039a/CplDeumo O.A.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
B66879CplForbes D.C.R. of O.Three Bridges
?27630a/CplFrost A.G.R. Reg. C.Three Bridges
?36742a/CplHicks W.N.Regina RThree Bridges
a/CplFrancis E.F.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
K52537a/CplKelly D.R.H.C. (BW)Three Bridges
B36912CplKeary R.C.Sea. of C.Three Bridges
D62632a/CplKendrick W.E.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
D3325CplLapointeF.M.R.Three Bridges
K53064a/CplMiller D.17H. 7 RecceThree Bridges
H40668CplMcMurphy C.J.Lorne Scots /HQ 2 CIBThree Bridges
D82487CplMiddleton M.C.R. Wpg. R.Three Bridges
D56058A/CplMorris K.W.R.H.C. (BW)Three Bridges
M15530CplMoisan O.R. de Mais.Three Bridges
D81058CplMcPherson B.J.Edmn. R.Three Bridges
D51732a/CplOxley R.W.R.H.C. (BW)Three Bridges
C5132CplPoquette H.R. de Mais.Three Bridges
C21081a/CplParks W.H.H. & P.E.Three Bridges
B37371CplStanley O.L.C.H. of C.Three Bridges
M11245a/CplSalisbury W.E.R.H.L.I.Three Bridges
M10640a/CplTaylor J.W.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
L12548CplWelling E.C.Calgary HighrsThree Bridges
CplWarren L.P.S.S.R.Three Bridges

Table 6 – Serial 2a (NCOs) – Dispersal List   2nd – 20th June

Service noRankNameRegtDestination
M10716CplAmes ACalg HighrsRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M11034CplHarbut S.R.Calg HighrsRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M11316SgtPalmer W.S.Calg HighrsRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M10784LCplStephem ACalg HighrsRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D81057CplEvans W.V.R.H.C. (BW)Recep. Camp-Three Bridges
D81012SgtMorrison R.A.R.H.C. (BW)Recep. Camp-Three Bridges
D81641L/SgtSundborg T.R.H.C. (BW)Recep. Camp-Three Bridges
D5653SgtDesjardins J.R de MaisRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D56045SgtPerrier H.R de MaisRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D56784CplProvost R.R de MaisRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M7326SgtJorgenson G.1 Bn RCERecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M41657L/CplMc Coig W.J.1 Bn RCERecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M5107CplMansor1 Bn RCERecep. Camp-Three Bridges
B6699L/BdrWhite M.H.1 Survey Rgt/RCARecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D10695SgtBedell H.J.1 Survey Rgt/RCARecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D16071SgtShearer F.M.1 Survey Rgt/RCARecep. Camp-Three Bridges
D91737CplKershaw S.RCASC/CCTACRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
M20814CplJohnston R.F.61 Gen Trans/RCASCRecep. Camp-Three Bridges
   Address:Forest Cottage, Worth
E4312CplCaron F.N.R22emReception camp Worthing
P48780SgtO’Neill R.R22emReception camp Worthing
E4055SgtTradel R.R22emReception camp Worthing
N16561L/SgtClare W.H.PPCLIReception camp Worthing
P21417SgtFord F.J.PPCLIReception camp Worthing
B16469CplSheridan W.E.PPCLIReception camp Worthing
G21022L/SgtDube A.C.Y.RReception camp Worthing
G19098CSMGiberson C.G.C.Y.RReception camp Worthing
G19047SgtGillen J.C.Y.RReception camp Worthing
G18513A/CplFolchies C.J.C.Y.RReception camp Worthing
M16348CplDwyer F.M.Edm. R.Reception camp Worthing
M15801CplStainton W.J.Edm. R.Reception camp Worthing
M16582CplWagstaff F.T.Edm. R.Reception camp Worthing
K52127CplEllis  E.G.Seaforths of C.Reception camp Worthing
K53012CplNevard R.A.Seaforths of C.Reception camp Worthing
F40550PSMBlack T.C.WNSRReception camp Worthing
F29858CplFerguson W.F.WNSRReception camp Worthing
F42653SgtWagner E.I.WNSRReception camp Worthing
L1811SgtKaine R.J.S.L.I.Reception camp Worthing
F3585SgtMader C.J.P.L.D.G.Reception camp Worthing
G4186L/SgtO’Niell J.S.1st A/T R.C.A.Reception camp Worthing
   Address:Brooklands, 80 Carring Rd
B6316CplHarris FB.Q.O.R of CReception camp Crowborough
B65698SgtBoos J.E.Q.O.R of CReception camp Crowborough
B64397SgtGiffis D.Q.O.R of CReception camp Crowborough
E11062CplStoycheff J.F.R de ChaudReception camp Crowborough
G22439CSMDaley F.E.N Shore RReception camp Crowborough
G17014CSMGirvan A.E.N Shore RReception camp Crowborough
W0178RSMMcRae W.F.N Shore RReception camp Crowborough
B27040A/SgtBailey R.E.Regina RiflesReception camp Crowborough
B27110A/SgtNelson J.A.Regina RiflesReception camp Crowborough
B27221A/SgtNyberg E.Regina RiflesReception camp Crowborough
K57023SgtPaterson W.A.1 Can Scot RReception camp Crowborough
K57543A/CplNettleton C.M.1 Can Scot RReception camp Crowborough
K57597A/CplEnglish R.W.1 Can Scot RReception camp Crowborough
A37328CplCawthorpe R.J.H.L.IReception camp Crowborough
A37640L/SgtJohnson R.H.L.IReception camp Crowborough
A37182SgtShireffs R.H.L.IReception camp Crowborough
A34043SgtEweir B.H.H.L.IReception camp Crowborough
C53519L/SgtDainton A.T.S.D. & G. HighrsReception camp Crowborough
C53533SgtMartin R.F.S.D. & G. HighrsReception camp Crowborough
C53972SgtMinnenga R.j.S.D. & G. HighrsReception camp Crowborough
F49699SgtBingley W.V.Nth N.S.HighrsReception camp Crowborough
F54678SgtSnook W.S.Nth N.S.HighrsReception camp Crowborough
F44832SgtWilson D.Nth N.S.HighrsReception camp Crowborough
   Address:Red Reef, Church Rd, Crowborough
A11384CplThorn A.E.Perth Regt5 C.T.R.U. (arm’d div) at Witley
F55131CplMcLeod A.C.S. Highrs5 C.T.R.U. (arm’d div) at Witley
K47216CplMc Williams J.W.Westminster R.5 C.T.R.U. (arm’d div) at Witley
Address:None given
B21029L/BdrCooper J.W.RCA 5 Med R.Reception camp Ashted
A32069L/BdrRussell N.G.RCA 7 Fd. R.Reception camp Ashted
   Address:Broadeves, Ashted
P17099RSMMcKenzie A.C.R.C.R.Report to Arundel
A4005SgtAustin J.M.R.C.R.Report to Arundel
A6040SgtBoone R.E.R.C.R.Report to Arundel
Address:Not listed
C4??1L/CplMcGill W.A.H.& P.E.. Regt.Report to Littlehampton
C4??3SgtPotts ?.R.H.& P.E. Regt.Report to Littlehampton
C4515L/CplStatham ?.R.H.& P.E. Regt.Report to Littlehampton
B73933CplBrock ?.E.48th HighrsReport to Littlehampton
B73950CplVoltz J.E.48th HighrsReport to Littlehampton
B72789CplHelliker H.D.48th HighrsReport to Littlehampton
Address:Not listed
D14570L/BdrLavalliers A.R.2nd Med R./RCAReport to Guildford
   AddressNot listed
R17218SgtCormack J.R.R.C.R.Guillemot Barracks, Farnborough
??9166A/SgtMorre R.V.17 R./7 Recce.1 C.A.C.M.U.
   AddressNot listed
D11283SgtWest J.B.7th A/Tk/RCAReport to Pulborough
Address:Not listed
B6000R.S.M.Wright W.11 Fd R./RCAReport to Chichester
B7117BdrFurniss R. Report to Chichester
Address:Not listed

Table 7 – Serial 2 (Officers) – Rail Warrants 26th June

Service noRankNameRegtDestination
Lieut.Sim A.C.C.B. HighrsAldershot
Lieut.Spence A.G.C.B. HighrsAldershot
Lieut.Weinaan H.I.Perth RgtAldershot
Lieut.Bogin L.N.R. de Chaud.Polegate
Lieut.Bosselin D.L.R. de Chaud.Polegate
Lieut.LeBlanc J.E.H.N.S.R.Polegate
Lieut.Murphy C.H.N.S.R.Polegate
Lieut.Rousseau J.W.R. de Chaud.Polegate
Lieut.Watling L.A.N.S.R.Polegate
Lieut.Glendenning1st Cdn. Scot. R.Newhaven
Lieut.Palmar D.I.C.1st Cdn. Scot. R.Newhaven
Lieut.Mitchell J.H.5Med/RCAPetworth
Lieut.Herringer J.G.RCASCBox Hill
Lieut.Himmelman W.W.N.S.RWorthing
Lieut.MacLean A.H.W.N.S.RWorthing
Lieut.Spurr R.W.W.N.S.RWorthing
Lieut.Hamm W.8 Recce.Woking
Lieut.Stokes K.S.R.C.D.Woking
Lieut.O’Gorman T.P.H.P.E.Barnham
Lieut.Smith R.A.H.P.E.Barnham
Lieut.Morton D.F.1 Bn RCEForest Row
Lieut.Oldford T.RCASCForest Row
Lieut.Haighington K.N.48th Highrs.Littlehampton
Lieut.Miller W.S.48th Highrs.Littlehampton
Lieut.Hovey F.L.1st Can. SurveyHorsham
Lieut.Hamer I.A.49th Highrs.Shoreham
Lieut.Robinsonn H.S.49th Highrs.Shoreham
Lieut.Roxburgh W.G.49th Highrs.Shoreham
Lieut.Radaliff T.C.Can. Scot.Seaford
Lieut.McNeil K.N.N.S.R.Hellingly
Lieut.Douglas J.W.N.N.S.R.Hellingly
Lieut.Meek F.W.N.West. Reg’tWaterloo
Lieut.Turnbull D.M.RCASCThree Bridges
Lieut.Cowans J.P.RHC/BWPulborough
Lieut.Charmichael R.M.RHC/BWPulborough
Lieut.Fox J.R.RHC/BWPulborough
Lieut.Murdock R.C.1st A/T RCASteyning
Lieut.Sinclair W B.1 Bn RCEIpswich
Lieut.Beer J.P.40th Field C RCAGoodwood
CaptBennett C.R.N.N.S.R.Hellingly
Lieut.Fleming R.Q.O.R. of C.Eastbourne
Lieut.McLean J.D.Q.O.R. of C.Eastbourne
Lieut.Caler P.C.Q.O.R. of C.Eastbourne
Lieut.George P.Calg. HighrsFittleworth
Lieut.Williams E.J.Calg. HighrsFittleworth
Lieut.Austin R.I.C.Y.R.Worthing
Lieut.Farthing J.M.C.Y.R.Worthing
CaptSteen W.P.C.Y.R.Worthing
2/LieutMale S.J.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
Lieut.Donagh C.R.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
Lieut.Way J.M.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
Lieut.Matthews M.J.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
Lieut.Cockburn J.C.C.B. Highrs/5CIRUWitley
Lieut.Begg E.G.SeaforthsWitley
Lieut.Sullivan J.K.C.B. Highrs/5CIRUWitley
Lieut.Anderson J.H.C.B. Highrs/5CIRUHorsham
CaptDurwood D.N.C.B. Highrs/5CIRUHorsham
Lieut.Fisher F.S.D. & G. HighrsHorsham
Lieut.MulliganS.D. & G. HighrsHorsham
Lieut.Barton L.G.PPCLIHassocks
Lieut.Newson S.F.SeaforthsHassocks
Lieut.Parker B.G.SeaforthsHassocks
Lieut.Smith A.S.K.PPCLIHassocks
Lieut.Thomas E.W.SeaforthsHassocks
Lieut.Beachemin Mais.Billingshurst
Lieut.Montpetit Mais.Billingshurst
Lieut.Bastedo G.L.S.L.I.Brighton
Lieut.Bouchard L.R.R.22 R.Angmering
Lieut.Guimond B.J.R.22 R.Angmering
Lieut.Tudeau M.R.22 R.Angmering
Lieut.Bongard J.G.Tor.Scots.RAldershot
Lieut.Hunter R.S.L.RCASC/ASGRUAldershot
Lieut.Kennedy F.B.Perth R.Aldershot
Lieut.RidgePerth R.Aldershot

Table 8 – Serial 3 (Mixed Ranks) – Rail Warrants 6th – 26th July

Service noRankNameRegtDestination
Serial 3R (Rifles)
K53593A/CplCooke S.S.SeaforthsMilford
C4800SgtPonsford G.?.H.P.EMilford
K52188SgtMcCondack W.H.SeaforthsMilford
B36730SgtHesselgrave V.A.R.H.L.IMilford
B66977SgtGreenberg N.R.R.C.Milford
F49874L/SgtBartlett U.H.R.R.C.Fleet
A37234A/CplFrancis R.B.H.L.I.Fleet
K57326SgtLougheed P.R.1 C.Scot. R.Fleet
F59779SgtMcInnis J.A.N.N.SHFleet
H40757A/SgtSimmons F.R. Wpg. RifFleet
A57255SgtWhitelaw W.J.R. L. I. of CFleet
LieutAugherton J.B.Carl. & York RGoring-by-Sea
LieutAudette R.R. de Chaud.Pevensey
LieutAlley Q.G.Q.o.R. of C.Hampden Park, Sussex
LieutMartin F.L.J.Q.o.R. of C.Hampden Park, Sussex
LieutNelles J.S.Regina RiflesNewhaven
LieutSmith A.E.Regina RiflesNewhaven
LieutBalintin N.R.Sask.L.I.Haywards Heath
CaptMoore W.R.West. N.S.R.Worthing
LieutRhodes J.K.West. N.S.R.Worthing
LieutBowman Q.R.H.L.I. of C.Horsham, Sussex
LieutKennedy P.K.H.L.I. of C.Horsham, Sussex
LieutClarke G.K.S.D.G. HighrsLewes
LieutPetipiece C.E.S.D.G. HighrsLewes
CaptColeman R.C.P.P.C.L.I.Hassocks
LieutRobertson R.F.S.P.P.C.L.I.Hassocks
 LieutCrane J.A.C.B.HighrsAldershot
 LieutCowie J.Perth R. (M)Aldershot
LieutNicholson D.J.Nth. N. S. Highrs.Aldershot
LieutStothart J.G.S.D.G. Highrs.Aldershot
CaptCayley M.C.48th HighrsLittlehampton
LieutCassels H.48th HighrsLittlehampton
LieutMorris J.R.PLDG/4 RecceWest Grinstead via Waterloo
LieutClark B.C.PLDG/4 RecceWest Grinstead via Waterloo
LieutColson J.D.R.H.C.(SW)Pulborough
LieutCannon A.L.R.22e R.Pulborough
CaptDavis A.Nth. N. S. Highrs.Hailsham
LieutWatts S.Nth. N. S. Highrs.Hailsham
LieutWilson A.J.Nth. N. S. Highrs.Hailsham
LieutDavid Y.R. de Mais.Westham
CaptOstiguy J.W.R. de Mais.Westham
LieutOstiguy J.A.R. de Mais.Westham
LieutHungerford G.C.R.C.R.Arundel
LieutHyslop L.J.Hast & P.E.R.Bognor Regis
LieutMills N.E.Hast & P.E.R.Bognor Regis
LieutHorsey R.M.1 C.Scot. R.Seaford
CaptMosedale W.J1 C.Scot. R.Seaford
LieutMacNiell G.K.C.1 C.Scot. R.Seaford
LieutKilpatrick V.F.Calg. Highrs.Milford
LieutMacDonald F.A.Calg. Highrs.Milford
LieutKaulbeck C.A.5 Coy/C.F.C.Blair Atholl, Scotland
LieutMcKay J.F.5 Med. R./R.C.A.Petworth
LieutStone J.R.Edmn. Regt.Shoreham
LieutSwinton R.K.Sea. Of C.Hassocks
LieutSimple R.N.Sea. Of C.Hassocks
LieutSavage G.A.RCE/1 C.E.R.U.Farnborough North
LieutTascherauR. de Chaud.Eastbourne
LieutVallee P.R. de Chaud.Eastbourne
LieutCarvell J.T.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
CaptEadie G.F.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
CaptJones J.W.D.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
LieutMay R.E.N. Shore R.Polgate
LieutHayward R.H.N. Shore R.Polgate
LieutNorton M.D.N. Shore R.Polgate
E4194SgtAsselin E.R 22 R.Pulborough
D81946SgtGribben T.REG (BW)Pulborough
E13102A/SgtAspirgo J.R. de Chaud.Pevensey
P16442SgtByrne W.T.R.C.R.Arundel
L27301SgtCampbell C.R.Regina Rif.Newhaven
L27493A/SgtWilson R.E.Regina Rif.Newhaven
N10921SgtDoherty O.F.Calg. HighrsFittleworth
P22252SgtDoerksen C.J.P.P.C.L.I.Hassocks
K52483A/SgtFairweather D.Sea. Of C.Hassocks
C53230SgtDickson G.M.S. D. & G. Highrs.Lewes
H 40557SgtIrvine W.R. Wpg. R.Lewes
G27842A/SgtDaley J.E.N.Shore R.Polegate
F44802C.S.M.Dorie H.T.Nth N.S. Highrs.Hailsham
D57063A/CplDumas T.R. de MaisWestham, sussex
K57372A/CplDraper L.W.1 C.Scot R.Aldershot
F54703CplJefferson L.C.B. HighrsAldershot
F54682SgtGillis N.J.C.B. HighrsAldershot
A11023A/CplThompson N.S.Perth R. (M)Aldershot
G18010SgtEatman A.W.Carl. & York R.Goring-by-Sea
B74700A/CplHare C.W.H.L.I.of C.Horsham
A??196CplHooper J.J.14 H/8 Recce.Haslemere
L53546L/CplHarbor S.14 H/8 Recce.Haslemere
L13235CplTownsend C.R.14 H/8 Recce.Haslemere
C4358A/CplWhitney C.Hast. & P.E.R.Bognor Regis
F42558SgtWhite G.M.West. N.S.R.Worthing
B63919A/SgtMartin C.C.Q.O.R. of C.Eastbourne
K62332A/L/SgtLorimer M.K.1 C.Scot. R.Seaford
M16517CplMcKay J.R.Edmn. R.Shoreham
F54688SgtMacDonald H.W.C.B. Highrs/ 5 CIRUMilford

Table 9 – Serial 4R, 4M & 4C (Mixed Ranks) – Rail Warrants 26th July – 15 Aug

Service noRankNameRegtDestination
LieutDelaney W.L.West. R.Liss
LieutRoot N.C.Perth R. (M)Liss
LieutWildgust R.E.Perth R. (M)Liss
LieutMaker F.E.N. Shore R.Shoreham
LieutPell W.R.N. Shore R.Shoreham
CaptHeyes S.C.Q.O.R. of C.Hassocks
LieutArber J.C.Q.O.R. of C.Hassocks
LieutChapman J.G.N.N.S.H.Horsham
LieutElliot R.L.N.N.S.H.Horsham
LieutChaplin G.F.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
LieutHunter J.L.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
CaptCalloway A.S.AR.C.R.Heathfield
LieutCouche R.A.R.C.R.Heathfield
LieutRichards R.S.R.C.R.Heathfield
LieutMadore J.L.R.C.R.Eastbourne
LieutSaville J.M.R.C.R.Eastbourne
LieutSwan C.F.R.C.R.Eastbourne
LieutWelch H.A.2 C.D.I.R.U.Milford
LieutBaxter J.A.2 C.D.I.R.U.Milford
LieutBull S.H.2 C.D.I.R.U.Milford
LieutAmirault E.J.1 C.D.I.R.U.Milford
LieutAllen F.S.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
LieutBarrie D.S.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
LieutClarke C.R.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
CaptPalmer J.P.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutClarke A.H.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutDouglas J.R.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutHay G.F.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutMcLean N.A.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutWaite R.C.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
LieutFerris W.FRegina Rif.Worthing
LieutBoucher G.P.R. de Chaud.Burgess Hill
LieutGlossop F.W.A.1 Can. Scot. R.Steyning
LieutWilloughby W.S.S.D. & G.Christ’s Hospital
LieutCockin W.H.B.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
LieutMcLeanW.G.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
LieutPettet W.L.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
LieutWhitelaw G.T.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
LieutWilson J.A.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
LieutBrock P.H.G.Sea. Of C.Pevensey & Westham
LieutWilson M.Sea. Of C.Pevensey & Westham
CaptHodge F.E.R. Wpg. R.Angmering
LieutCourier P.E.R. Wpg. R.Angmering
LieutGower P.E.R. Wpg. R.Angmering
 LieutRobertson D.B.R. Wpg. R.Angmering
Serial 4(R) & 4(M)
H 47469CplFraser P.West. R.Liss
A11100CplSpencer J.R.Perth R. (M)Liss
C7244CSMLynch C.F.N.Shore R.Shoreham
F50115CplMorris C.B.N.N.S.H.Horsham
C5696A/CplMaxwell H.A.1 C.D.I.R.U.Milford
F78823SgtMurray H.D.5 C.I.R.U.Milford
C4552CplMurray A.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
D21262L/CplClements A.W.H.P.E.Waldron & Horan
B93210CplFraser C.B.48th  HighrsWaldron & Horan
K52168SgtLa Loge E.J.SeaforthsPevensey & Westham
?52017L/SgtHarfield F.H.SeaforthsPevensey & Westham
H16201CplWasyluchuk L.L.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
K74385PteDryden A.H.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
B87990L/SgtRichmond D.R.C.R.Heathfield
P5414CplOakley L.B.R.C.R.Heathfield
M15696L/SgtHaddon H.Edmn. R.Eastbourne
E4224CplLobel P.E.R. de Chaud.Burgess Hill
E9164CplBlais J.R. de Chaud.Burgess Hill
D106209CplJacques R.A.R. de Chaud.Burgess Hill
E10394CplValloe R.R. de Chaud.Burgess Hill
L24019SgtYeo D.Regina Rif.Worthing
H40976A/SgtLaird G.R.Wpg. R.Angmering
K57212L/CplMcMillan A.J.1 C.Scot R.Steyning
A37831A/CplRichter E.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
L2917L/CplBrown W.V.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
M53305A/SgtPearey W.A.1 C.M.G.R.U.Aldershot
Serial 4C
?21398SgtHoffman D.P.P.C.L.I.Malaya House (Struck through)
?16129L/SgtRhealt J.T.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
?85357CplForbes J.D.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
?16146CplKnowles J.M.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park
?1005CplErlindson C.E.P.P.C.L.I.Hampden Park

Table 10 – Serial 5 (Mixed Ranks) – Nominal Roll

AgeService noRankNameUnitAtt FromReligion
35CaptGammon C.C.L.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
31CaptLasher E.W.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsPres
26CaptLawson T.F.G.Cdn. Fus.R.C.R.C.of E.
28CaptMair W.W.Sask.L.I.Sask.L.I.U.C.
30CaptMiddleton F.S.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
32CaptMontgomery B.L.R.C.E.10 Fd.Sqd.U.C.
28CaptMcRobie L.F.R.C.R.R.C.R.C.of E.
28CaptSavoie G.R. de Chaud.R. de Chaud.R.C.
24LieutBeamish L.G.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C.of E.
26LieutBishop D.D.R.C.A.1s L.A.A.RegtC.of E.
23LieutBow M.N.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsU.C.
34LieutBryden T.T.1 C.Scot.R.1 C.Scot.R.C.of E.
26LieutCarey R.P.P.C.L.I.CTS No. 3 WingC.of E.
21LieutChambers E.E.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
20LieutClark J.A.Seaforths1 CDIRUU.C.
27LieutCook J.P.West R.(M)West R.(M)C.of E.
26LieutConway J.J.SeaforthsSeaforthsR.C.
25LieutCousins M.M.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C.of E.
20LieutDickin G.D.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.C.of E.
22LieutDuquett J.H.G.R.C.O.C.1 Cdn.B.O.D.R.C.
37LieutGordon R.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
29LieutGrant D.C.Seaforths1 CDIRUU.C.
22LieutHarvey W.M.N. Shore R.3 CDIRUPres
22LieutKerfoot R.J.Calg. Highrs2 CDIRUC.of E.
26LieutKitz L.A.C.B.Highrs5 CIRUHeb.
22LieutMacKenzie P.H.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
37LieutMacNiel J.A.M.S.D.&G. HighrsS.D.&G. HighrsPres
30LieutMoncur R.M.4th Highrs4th HighrsPres
26LieutMollison J.R.1 C.Scots R.3 CDIRUC.of E.
27LieutMorgan J.B.H.& P.E.H.& P.E.U.C.
20LieutRamsay D.R.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.U.C.
25LieutRichardson K.E.4 P.L.D.G.4 P.L.D.G.U.C.
21LieutRoss S.R.1 C.Scot.R.1 C.Scot.R.C.of E.
30LieutSawyer R.W.Q.O.R. of C.Q.O.R. of C.R.C.
27LieutSheppard H.J.R.C.A.1 Cdn. Survey R.C.of E.
24LieutSmith S.Sask.L.I.Sask.L.I.C.of E.
20LieutStauffer R.C.H.L.I.of C.H.L.I.of C.U.C.
28LieutTaylor A.DN.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
22  LieutWatson N.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C.of E.
Serial 5 (Rifle)
28K9016RSMStinson H.H.R.C.A./1st L.A.A.R.C.A./1st L.A.A.C.of E.
37D81281CSMBleasdale F.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
30F49998A/CSMMackey J.A.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.R.C.
38D81056CSMMurray R.P.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)Pres
28D81055CSMSheppard W.J.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)R.C.
28D81014CSMSim A.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
25D51963SgtBabin Mais/ Mais/2CDIRUR.C.
30C4114SgtBaker R.C.H.& P.E.H.& P.E.C.of E.
27B72548SgtBartwick S.48th  Highrs48th  HighrsO.D.
24D56878SgtBlanchard MaisC.of E.
23D57049SgtBoucher MaisR.C.
28C5405SgtCarlyle J.R.C.A./ 7 A/T RegR.C.A./ 7 A/T RegPres
36E24819SgtClark G.V.Sask.L.I.Sask.L.I.C.of E.
27P21348SgtEllington W.E.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C.of E.
28M10655SgtFairhurst E.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
21C2235BSgtFournier W.T.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
27B73882SgtGibson W.H.48th  Highrs48th  HighrsC.of E.
24D57456SgtHalle J.M.R. de MaisR. de MaisR.C.
23M10636SgtHarris E.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
21M11048SgtJans W.H.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
22C28369SgtJohnson R.W.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
30K52182SgtLucas D.A.SeaforthsSeaforthsU.C.
28C40253SgtMartin K.N.S.D.&G. HighrsS.D.&G. HighrsPres
35M11233SgtMilvain C.N.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
26P22181SgtMoir T.A.PLDG-/4th ReccePLDG-/4th RecceR.C.
34A11325SgtNadon L.Perth R.Perth R.Pres
25L1629A/SgtOrris C.C.S.L.I.(MG)S.L.I.(MG)U.C.
22F60273SgtPaynter F.L.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.Pres
27H40742SgtScaife L.C.R.Wpg. R.R.Wpg. R.U.C.
25M11149SgtSiemens J.M.Calg. HighrsCalg. HighrsC.of E.
24A36515SgtWilson W.J.H.L.I. of C.H.L.I. of C.R.C.
37C4758SgtYoung O.C.H. & P.E.H. & P.E.C.of E.
30H40714SgtZieller AR.Wpg. R.R.Wpg. R.O.D.
23B63593L/SgtRitchie R.J.Q.O.R.of C.Q.O.R.of C.R.C.
20M34845CplBeamish D.S.R.C.E./6th Fd. ParkR.C.E./6th Fd. ParkU.C.
23K52376CplBooth G.SeaforthsSeaforthsPres
28B38179CplCameron D.R.1 C. Scots R.1 C. Scots R.U.C.
22G18388CplChamberlain A.J.C.Y.R./ICDIRUC.Y.R./ICDIRUR.C.
22K47887CplClark P.M.West. R.West. R.R.C.
23D16411CplCook A.J.RCE/2nd Bn. RCERCE/2nd Bn. RCEC.of E.
25A99709CplDaly J.R.RCRRCRC.of E.
20H77201CplDodd F.S.18th(Man) Arm’d CarR.1CACRU18th(Man) Arm’d CarR.1CACRUC.of E.
27L27547CplDreaver HRegina R.Regina R.Pres
22D57410CplDufour MaisR.C.
25H16133CplEdkins R.D.P.P.C.L.I.P.P.C.L.I.C.of E.
22D27504CplFerris R.D.RCE/8th Fd. SquadronRCE/8th Fd. SquadronU.C.
21B43349CplFinlayson D.E.DHRC/HLI of CDHRC/HLI of CU.C.
27B10134CplFontaine E.R. de Chaud.R. de Chaud.R.C.
29D82461CplGoodman B.J.A.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
36K57545CplGraham J.A.1 C. Scots R.1 C. Scots R.C.of E.
26M41678CplIrons D.RCE/4th BnRCE/4th BnPres
22C53426CplKennedy A.J.S.D.&G. HighrsS.D.&G. HighrsR.C.
21D81675CplLalonde L.RHC(BW)/2CDIRURHC(BW)/2CDIRUR.C.
26D57364CplLeclech MaisR.C.
26F57488CplMcLean G.C.B.HighrsC.B.HighrsPres
27A37449CplMcDonald J.I.H.L.I.of C.H.L.I.of C.Pres
26M42023CplMottl J.SeaforthsSeaforthsO.D.
20L22801CplOrr J.M.RCE/9th Fd SquadronRCE/9th Fd SquadronU.C.
24M16081CplPoulton F.Edm. R.Edm. R.C.of E.
23H19393CplPruden L.S.18th(Man) Arm’d CarR.1CACRU18th(Man) Arm’d CarR.1CACRUC.of E.
28B11170CplRacine Chaud/ Chaud/3CDIRUR.C.
2210911BdrSullivan T.R.RCA/I C Survey RRCA/I C Survey RC.of E.
22B64236CplTerhune A.M.Q.O.R.of C.Q.O.R.of C.U.C.
22L19430CplTooley R.H.RCE/9th Fd SquadronRCE/9th Fd SquadronC.of E.
22B82169CplWestwood W.A.RHC(BW)RHC(BW)C.of E.
22A21234CplWilliams A.J.H.L.I.of C/3CDIRUH.L.I.of C/3CDIRUR.C.
32M15687CplVickery J.E.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
Serial 5 (Carrier)
32LieutDarlington T.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.R.C.
25LieutMacDonald H.W.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.O.D.
28M15691SgtBlack A.J.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.Pres
34D81964SgtCunningham W.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)O.D.
30M16576SgtFarrell H.G.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.R.C.
20G7328SgtFleiger F.P.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
28G22106SgtGerrard G.D.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
29M16246SgtHateley S.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
31D81138SgtLedger K.S.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
42M16171SgtPierce M.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
21G22393SgtRennie J.K.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
38D81207L/SgtAllan G.A.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)O.D.
3?M16262L/SgtMcElroy D.S.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
37G22455L/SgtOliver R.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
31G22934CplCameron F.F.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
29D81824CplDolan J.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
25M25890CplFessenden G.I.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
40M16639CplFrew J.M.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.Pres
30D81729CplIsherwood J.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)Pres
41M16762CplMcClay J.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.U.C.
D82786CplMcInnis J.P.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
29G23260CplMcintosh E.H.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
28M15536CplSouthall R.C.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
22D81805CplSquires E.H.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)R.C.
28G23012CplStymiest J.W.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
31G23088CplWood J.G.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
29M50373L/CplFryer R.J.R.C.O.C.R.C.O.C.R.C.
24G22261L/CplLavine F.J.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
21D81402L/CplPhillips S.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
26G27651PteAhier L.T.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
22D81145PteAyling S.H.W.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
22M16825PteBarby R.C.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.U.C.
31C23088PteBerube J.B.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
25G22553PteBuggie L.P.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
33M15639PteBuxton A.S.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.Pres
22M16099PteDecoine J.E.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.R.C.
21G22661PteDolan R.H.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
22G22951PteDutcher E.A.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
29M16989PteEvenoEdm. R.Edm. R.C.of E.
24M16882PteFenner R.D.Edm. R.Edm. R.C.of E.
21G18502PteGilland R.J.N. Shore R.N. Shore R.O.D.
22M16849PteGibson T.A.Edm. R.Edm. R.C.of E.
22D82802PteGrimmond B.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)U.C.
26D81570PteHenry H.V.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)C.of E.
21D81993PteHooper R.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)Pres
22D82406PteKeeping H.J.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)Pres
G22527PteKenny H.J.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.R.C.
21M16130PteMilburn D.Edm. R.Edm. R.C.of E.
42G22363PteMurchie A.G.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.Pres
22D81730PtePoirier G.M.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)R.C.
22M17271PteReynew M.D.Edm. R.Edm. R.R.C.
21G22347PteScott T.W.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.U.C.
21G17689PteSmith M.W.N.Shore R.N.Shore R.C.of E.
28M17178PteTettamente N.Edm. R.Edm. R.R.C.
32D81930PteWilson J.R.H.C.(BW)R.H.C.(BW)Pres
Serial 5M (Mortars)
25LieutGlew C.S.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.C.of E.
26LieutHunter F.C.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.U.C.
38LieutHuntington T.F.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
29LieutMerritt F.W.I.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
21LieutWebber K.N.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.C.of E.
21F49707A/SgtCrosson E.N.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
31B36723SgtDouglas J.R.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.C.of E.
26K37029SgtDuddle J.M.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
26M15655SgtForgie H.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.Pres
20H41759A/SgtGiles R.G.G.Wpg. R3 CDIRUC.of E.
29M15654SgtLinteris  P.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
33M52865SgtMorgan E.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
24F50114SgtNorris H.P.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
22L27425SgtWest H.H.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.Pres
29F49954SgtWilson H.B.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
21M16585L/SgtBirmingham J.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C.of E.
25K52792L/SgtStephenson F.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
27K52541CplDelmage N.S.SeaforthsSeaforthsC.of E.
28M16252CDodds A.M.Edm. R.Edm. R.Pres
21H20383CplFirby H.E.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.Pres
32F50240CplMorris A.E.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.U.C.
23B36977CplWray J.A.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.C.of E.
22B36994CplWray W.G.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.C.of E.
24L27084CplYoung L.M.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.C.of E.
21L27709L/CplBlades R.E.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.C.of E.
22G23210L/CplBouchard A.N.Shore R.3CDIRUR.C.
22C5905L/CplElkins C.S.D.&G. Highrs3CDIRUC.of E.
22K63164L/CplKrinbill H.V.C.Scots. R.3CDIRUR.C.
28B37217L/CplWhitehead J.S.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.C.of E.
27K98044PteClear F.R.C.O.C.R.H.L.IC.of E.
39M15194PteChapin J.R.Edm. R.Edm. R.U.C.
28F50229PteChapman D.B.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.R.C.
24G50256PteHenman S.W.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.RC
22F50488PteMountain G.L.N.N.S.H.N.N.S.H.UC
32M16025PteMacKenzie J.Edm. R.Edm. R.UC
36B37834PteMurphy J.A.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.RC
23H17547PteNymark C.W.R.C.O.C.R.C.O.C.UC
22L28245RfmnOllinger S.G.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.RC
38K29167PtePierce N.S.SeaforthsSeaforthsC of E
21K52548PteRichdale G.E.SeaforthsSeaforthsPres
38L9106PteRussell J.W.R.C.O.C.R.C.O.C.C of E
27M16502PteSadler J.Edmn. R.Edmn. R.C of E
34L28999RfmnVancise J.A.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.UC
21M17267RfmnWarren D.Reg. Rifs.Reg. Rifs.C of E
24K52552PteWiseman A.SeaforthsSeaforthsRC
22B83358PteYoung G.R.H.L.I.R.H.L.I.C of E

Table 11 – Serial 5 (Mixed Ranks) – Rail Warrants

Service no  RankNameRegtDestination
LieutRichardson K.4 Recce. R.Hastings
M15687CplVickery J.E.Edm. R.Eastbourne
P22181SgtMoir T.A.4PLDGRedhill
LieutBryden T.T.1 C. Scots R.Pulborough
LieutRoss S.R.1 C. Scots R.Pulborough
LieutHarvey W.M.N. Shore R.Shoreham
LieutKitz L.A.5 C.I.R.U.Milford
CaptLawson T.F.G.R.C.R.Heathfield
LieutMoncur R.M.48th  HighrsHoram
CaptMair W.W.Sask.L.I.Wadhurst, Sussex
LieutSmith S.Sask.L.I.Wadhurst, Sussex
LieutSawyer R.W.Q.O.R. of C.Hassocks
CaptSavoie G.R. de Chaud.Hassocks
LieutLamoureux* C.R.R. de Chaud.Hassocks
LieutStrauffer R.C.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
M41678CplIrons D.R.C.E.Basingstoke
C28369SgtJohnson R.W.N.Shore R.Shoreham
F35372L/CplKeeping J.C.B. Highrs.Sheffield
F34788CplMcLean G.C.B. Highrs.Sheffield
B 7154L/BdrMcMullen D.R.C.A.Woldingham
A 11325SgtMadon L.Perth R.Three Bridges
H 0911BdrSullivan T.R.R.C.ABramber
M 17112L/CplStiles J.P.Edm. R.Eastbourne
R 40714SgtZeller A.R. Wpg. R.Angmering
D 27673L/CplAves H.T.R.C.E.Horsley
M 35845CplBeamish D.S.R.C.E.Horsley
M35897L/CplCooper T.E.R.C.E.Horsley
D27504CplFerris R.D.R.C.E.Horsley
L 22801CplOrr J.M.R.C.E.Horsley
D19430CplTooley R.W.R.C.E.Horsley
B72548SgtBartwick S.48th  HighrsHoram
B73882SgtGibson W.H.48th  HighrsHoram
D56878SgtBlanchard R.R. de Mais.Chichester
D57410CplDufour RR. de Mais.Chichester
D57456SgtHalle J.M.R. de MaisChichester
D57364CplLaclech R.R. de Mais.Chichester
G5045SgtCarlyle J.R.C.A.Haslemere
D16411CplCook A.J.R.C.ECranleigh
E24819SgtClark G.V.Sask.L.I.Wadhurst, Sussex
L1629A/SgtOrris C.C.Sask.L.I.Wadhurst, Sussex
B38179CplCameron D.R.1 C. Scots R.Pulborough
K57547CplGraham J.A.1 C. Scots R.Pulborough
P38239SgtCraven C.P.4 P.L.D.G.Woking
R77201CplDodd F.S.1 C.A.C.R.U.Woking
R19393CplPruden L.S.1 C.A.C.R.U.Woking
B43349CplFinlayson D.E.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
A37449CplMcDonald J.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
A36515SgtWilson W.J.H.L.I. of C.Haywards Heath
E10134CplFontaine E.R. de Chaud.Hassocks
E9534PteTurnbull A.R. de Chaud.Hassocks
B63593L/SgtRitchie R.J.Q.O.R. of C.Hassocks
B64236CplTerhune A.M.Q.O.R. of C.Hassocks

Table 12 – Muster Parade – July

Regimental NoRankNameTrade CapacityRemarks
 Major (A/Lt Col)Fletcher D  
 Capt. (A/Major)Campbell J  
 Capt.Buchanan W H  
 Lieut. (A/Capt)Davidson R L  
 Lieut. (A/Capt)Deeks D B  
 Lieut. (A/Capt)McRae C A  
 Capt.Nicholls A C  
 Capt.Stinson G H B  
 Lieut. (A/Capt)Syme E G  
 Capt.Thomson S W  
 LieutAnyon T D  
  Berwick A R  
  Bibeau R R  
  Chanter J D  
  Clarke D L  
  Crabtree K S  
  Elhatton L G  
  Kearns D O  
  Lafond C E  
  Lamoureux C R  
  Miles F  
  O’Brien R H  
  Stewart A C  
  Wright P G  
  Wyand W H  
B72501RSM (WO I)Jamieson F  
A21125Sgt (A/CQMS)Hamilton A F W  
K57136SgtBrowne R J  
G19006Cpl (L/Sgt)Clark C L  
K52452SgtCooper C B  
M11043 Dutton J C  
H41315 Gibbs A L  
P13239 Kennard C R  
B3494 Phillips J E  
PAGE 2 MISSING – Approximately 34 names
M16925Pte.Cocks W G  
H19451Pte.Colman M  
C9354Gnr.Compeau L F  
C936GnrCork G NTrades pay, cook, grp “C” 
F39583Pte.Chowell L E  
B73693PteCunningham A A  
C19647GnrDavis A WTrades pay, cook, grp “C” 
B73643PteDainty G E  
G17411PteDennison N M  
D61597PteDesjardins L O  
D56849PteDesmaris RTrades pay, cook, grp “C” 
G23301PteDoucet B  
E10540PteDoucet O  
F40066PteDoucette G A  
B88106PteDownes J  
H35518GnrFaid R J  
C262GnrFerguson B T W  
B66643PteForsha N  
E5410PteFournier H  
K53870PteFraine D JTrades pay, clerk, grp “C” 
C5378PteFriendly B Det DO#88
B29726SprGee C A  
M5143SprGilmour M M Priv Leave
B88120PteGobbett G  
G49045GnrGoodheart F  
A4348RfnGorman J P  
B29770SprGoudreau P  
B76507PteGranger C L  
M65641PteGullion S  
C1390GnrGunter A G  
G23436PteHache D  
D23304PteHalfkenny A W  
A3853PteHarkas G J  
D81822PteHastie J W  
A further one or two pages are missing – unknown number of names

Table 13 –  Unit Abbreviations

1 C. Scot. R.1 Canadian Scots Regiment
1 Bn RCERoyal Canadian Engineers – 1st Battalion
1 C.A.C.R.U.Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
1 C.D.I.R.U.1 Canadian Div Infantry Reinforcement Unit
1 C.E.R.U.1 Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Unit
1 C.M.G.R.U.Canadian Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
1 C.Scot R.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
1 Can Scot RCanadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
1 Can. Scot. R.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
1 Survey Rgt/RCARoyal Canadian Artillery – 1 Survey Regiment
11 Fd R./RCARoyal Canadian Artillery – 11 Field Regiment
17 H/7 Recce7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th DYRCH)
17 R./7 Recce.7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th DYRCH)
17H. 7 Recce7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th DYRCH)
17th Hussars17th  Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars
18th(Man) Arm’d CarR.1CACRU1 Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
1st A/T RCARoyal Canadian Artillery-1st Anti-Tank Regiment
1st Bn. ScotCanadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
1st Can. SurveyRoyal Canadian Artillery – 1 Survey Regiment
1st Cdn. Scot.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
1st Cdn. Scot. R.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
2 C.D.I.R.U.2 Canadian Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit
2nd Med R./RCARoyal Canadian Artillery 2 Medium Regiment
3 C.A.C.R.U.Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
3 CDIRU3 Canadian Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit
4 P.L.D.G.4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
4 Recce. R.7th Reconnaissance Regiment
48th Highrs.48th Highlanders of Canada
49th Highrs.49th Highlanders of Canada
4PLDG4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
4th  R.C.E.Royal Canadian Engineers
4th Recce4th Reconnaissance Regiment
5 C.I.R.U.5 Canadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
5 Coy/C.F.C.Royal Canadian Artillery 5 Medium Regiment
5 Med. R./R.C.A.Royal Canadian Artillery 5 Medium Regiment
5Med/RCARoyal Canadian Artillery 5 Medium Regiment
61 Gen Trans/RCASCRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps
7th A/Tk/RCARoyal Canadian Artillery-7th Anti-Tank Regiment
8 Recce.8th Reconnaissance Regiment
8th Recce.8th Reconnaissance Regiment
C. & Y.Carleton & York Regiment
C. of C.Cameron Highlanders of Canada
C.B. Highrs.Cape Breton Highlanders
5 Coy/C.F.C.Canadian Forestry Corps – 5th Company
C.H. of C.Cameron Highlanders of Canada
C.H.of O.Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
C.Scots. R.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
C.Y.RCarleton & York Regiment
Calg HighrsCalgary Highlanders
Cam. Of C.Cameron Highlanders of Canada
Cam. Of O.Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
Camerons of C.Cameron Highlanders of Canada
Can. Scot.Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
Carl. & York RCarleton & York Regiment
Cdn. Fus.The Canadian Fusiliers
DHRC/HLI of CThe Highland Light Infantry Of Canada
DYRCHDuke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars
Edm. R.The Loyal Edmonton Regiment
Essex Scot.The Essex Scottish Regiment
F.M.R.Fusiliers de Mont Royal
H. & P.E.The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
H.L.IThe Highland Light Infantry Of Canada
H.L.I. of C.The Highland Light Infantry Of Canada
Hast & P.E.R.The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
HQ 6th Hussars6th Royal Canadian Hussars
Lorne ScotsLorne Scots
Lorne Scots /HQ 2 CIBLorne Scots/ HQ Canadian Infantry Brigade
N. Nova S.North Nova Scotia Highlanders
N.N.S.H.North Nova Scotia Highlanders
N.S.R.The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
Nth N.S. HighrsNorth Nova Scotia Highlanders
Nth S. Reg.The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
Nth Shore R.The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
Nth. S.C. High??
P.E.I. HighrsPrince Edward Island Highlanders
P.P.C.L.I.Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Perth R.The Perth Regiment
Perth R. (M)The Perth Regiment
Perth RegtThe Perth Regiment
PLDG/4 ReccePrincess Louise Dragoon Guards
PLDG-/4th ReccePrincess Louise Dragoon Guards
PPCLIPrincess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Q.O.R of CThe Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
R 22 R.Royal 22nd Regiment
R de ChaudRegiment de Chaudiere
R de MaisRegiment de Maisonneuve
R. 22nd RRoyal 22nd Regiment
R. Reg. C.Royal Regiment of Canada
R. Wpg. R.Royal Winnipeg Rifles
R. Wpg. RifRoyal Winnipeg Rifles
R.22 R.Royal 22nd Regiment
R.22e R.Royal 22nd Regiment
R.C.ARoyal Canadian Artillery
R.C.A./ 7 A/T RegRoyal Canadian Artillery-7 Anti-Tank Regiment
R.C.A./1st L.A.A.Royal Canadian Artillery – 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
R.C.A.S.C.Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
R.C.D.Royal Canadian Dragoons
R.C.ERoyal Canadian Engineers
R.C.E.  2 Fd. Pk. Coy.Royal Canadian Engineers – 2 Field Park Company
R.C.E. 1 Fd. Coy.Royal Canadian Engineers – 1 Field Company
R.C.E. 3th Fd. Coy.Royal Canadian Engineers – 3 Field Company
R.C.E. 4th Fd. Coy.Royal Canadian Engineers – 4 Field Company
R.C.E./6th Fd. ParkRoyal Canadian Engineers – 6 Field Park Company
R.C.H.A.Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
R.C.O.C.Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
R.C.RRoyal Canadian Regiment
R.C.R.Royal Canadian Regiment
R.H.C.Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
R.H.C. (BW)Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
R.H.L.IRoyal Hamilton Light Infantry
R.R.C.Royal Regiment of Canada
R.Wpg. R.Royal Winnipeg Rifles
R.Wpg.Rif.Royal Winnipeg Rifles
R22emRoyal 22nd Regiment
RCA 5 Med R.Royal Canadian Artillery 5 Medium Regiment
RCA 7 Fd. R.Royal Canadian Artillery 7 Field Regiment
RCA/I C Survey RRoyal Canadian Artillery 1 Survey Regiment
RCASCRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCASC/ASGRURoyal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCASC/CCTACRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCE/2nd Bn. RCERoyal Canadian Engineers – 2nd Batallion
RCE/4th BnRoyal Canadian Engineers – 4th Batallion
RCE/8th Fd. SquadronRoyal Canadian Engineers – 8th Field Squadron
RCE/9th Fd SquadronRoyal Canadian Engineers – 9th Field Squadron
REG (BW)Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
Reg. Rifs.Regina Rifles
Regina RRegina Rifles
RHC(BW)Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
S. D. & G. Highrs.Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders
S.D. & G.Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
S.D. & G. HighrsStormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
S.L.I.Saskatoon Light Infantry
S.L.I. (MG)Saskatoon Light Infantry (Machine Gun)
S.of C.Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
S.S.R.The South Saskatchewan Regiment
Sask.L.I.Saskatoon Light Infantry
Sea. of C.Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
SeaforthsSeaforth Highlanders of Canada
Seaforths of C.Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
T.S.R.(A.W.)The Toronto Scottish Regiment
Tor.Scots.RThe Toronto Scottish Regiment
W.N.S.R.The West Nova Scotia Regiment
West N.S.R.The West Nova Scotia Regiment
West R.(M)The Westminster Regiment (Motor)
West. R.The Westminster Regiment
West. Reg’tThe Westminster Regiment
Westminster R.The Westminster Regiment
WNSRThe West Nova Scotia Regiment
Wpg. RThe Royal Winnipeg Rifles