Contemporary Jewellery in Silver and Gold by Sylvia Tomkinson

2018 dates (see below left for venue addresses)

Apr 7th 10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

Apr 28th -29th  10am - 5pm Emsworth Arts Trail

May 5th  10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

May 6th  1pm - 6pm Emsworth Arts Trail

May 7th  10am - 5pm Emsworth Arts Trail

May 22nd - 9th Jun. 10am - 4pm Tues-Sats. Only.

                  Petersfield Museum Community Gallery

Jun 2nd  10am-5pm Fishbourne Roman Palace

Jun 3rd  10am-5pm Fishbourne Roman Palace

July 7th  10am-4pm Rowlands Castle

Sep 1st 10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

Oct 6th 10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

Nov 3rd 10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

Nov 10th  Contrasts Jewellery Fair

23rd Nov 2018 –1st Jan 2019 10am-4pm Hillier Gardens.

24th Nov NSPCC Christmas Fair, Rowlands Castle.

Dec 1st  10am-1pm Rowlands Castle

Emsworth Arts Trail:- The Brookfield Hotel,

93 Havant Road

Emsworth PO10 7LF

Rowlands Castle Craft Fair:- Parish Hall,

Links Lane, Rowlands Castle. PO9 6AD

Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

St. John’s Hall, Redhill Road,

Rowlands  Castle PO9 6DF

Hillier Gardens :- Jermyns Lane, Ampfield, Romsey, Hampshire. SO51 0QA

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Fishbourne, West Sussex. PO19 3QR

Petersfield Museum Community Gallery

1 St. Peter’s Road, Petesfield GU2 3HX